Sunday, September 27, 2015

Update on motility testing.. #71

We got our call from Seattle Children's Hospital last week with a date to see Dr. Ambartsumyan, the motility specialist. We also get to meet with one of their pediatric surgeons, Dr. Avansino. Both of these doctors work as a team in the clinic so we get the pleasure of meeting them both and welcoming them to our team. They have a clinic on Tuesday's especially for Hirschsprung's kids so we got our appointment pretty quickly. We will be in Seattle (only a 35 minute drive from where we live, thankfully) on October 13th.

This appointment will be just to go over Isaac's medical history in detail. To look at all the studies he has already had, learn about the bowel regimen we've been doing, what works or hasn't worked for him, and then get these doctor's opinions on what additional testing Isaac needs.

I have heard the motility testing and bowel management program can vary from 3-7 days in inpatient. We will learn more about all of this at the appointment as well.

Hoping to hear good news! I will update after the appointment. With adding these 2 doctors, we now have 11 doctors/practitioners on Isaac's team. Wow. Eleven. That seems like so many. We have a regular pediatrician, 2 surgeons now, a GI, 1 motility specialist, an allergist,  a naturopath, a chiropractor, a nutritional practitioner, and 2 ARNP's from the surgical team at our primary hospital. All that have been such a huge factor in fighting this disease. ONE disease and 11 doctors to help us fight. Plus a huge family and friends who love our son so much. Definitely blessed.

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