Friday, September 6, 2013

Just some encouragement.. #39

Last night after posting our last update I was browsing online and came across a blog about child Isaac's age that was fighting cancer. I couldn't even IMAGINE. I have a few friends that have young, young children that have already fought and BEAT CANCER! It was so hard hearing their stories and watching everything they went through. That would be the hardest thing as a parent to go through. But the real reason of this post was to share this quote I read on this child's blog. It really put things into perspective for me. Helped me smile in the "now" and made me hopeful for the future. I changed the wording around to fit our situation, but the idea is still the same. I thank that child's dad for this quote which makes the pain of this whole journey a little less, and to smile in the now..

No one knows what the future has in store for our little one; we have no control over that. However, one thing I can control is the present -- and I can assure you, he will have the best "now" we can give him.

Check in.. #38

Summer has officially came and went.. It has been pouring for the last couple days. Flooding in some areas! I hear this winter is supposed to be really bad. But I love snow, and I hope to get some this year. We really did have a great summer. Most days were above 80 degrees. In fact, we found a new pool to take Isaac to a few weeks ago and I hope we at least get one more day to take him there. He shows me the way he floats in the pool when he is taking a bath. It is the cutest thing ever. Enough about the weather though, I have lots to catch everyone up on.

Today we went and saw an allergist. Our GI doctor recommended we go for food allergy testing since Isaac was still on his Elecare formula and not tolerating milk. We also wanted to get a definite answer on what food allergies he had. We have been avoiding certain things since basically he was a newborn - milk protein, soy, gluten, peanuts, oatmeal.

The appointment went really well. He had ZERO allergies!!! NONE! I am so happy. But since Isaac did have a severe reaction to oatmeal in the past, the doctor did give us an EPIpen to be safe. We are going back in 2 weeks to retest for the oat allergy. He asked us to bring in fresh, real oats. He said that there was a 10% chance the test they did (they did not have real oats in the lab) did not give us the correct result. So since there is still a 10% chance he could have that allergy, he wants to be 100% sure. So 2 weeks from now we bring in our little bag of oatmeal, and they break it down and we repeat the test. Isaac was so good for the test. I am so proud of him. They did the scratch test so no pokes. He was so brave. I just can't believe how mild mannered he is for being 2. So even though he tested negative for a milk allergy, the allergist thinks it's an intolerance. Allergy vs intolerance = totally different. So no cow's milk. We will try to see if Isaac takes to hemp, almond or coconut milk.

About 2 weeks ago we saw his GI doctor for our 6 months ish check in. That's when we talked about the food allergies and such and why he referred us to an allergist. He was overall pleased with Isaac's progress and we have no new instructions or plans for his care. Which is awesome.

We also saw his surgeon that same week we saw his GI. It was pretty much in and out. No new plans for his care. He is doing so well. I can only pray and hope that my little guy continues to do as well as he has. With the upcoming cold season I am hoping we DO NOT GET THE STOMACH BUG AGAIN! Isaac got it 2 times during the winter months last year. UG! I am thinking maybe we should be housebound. I only say that because every time he has had it (3 times in his life), we end up getting admitted to the hospital. I would like to spend my days before Christmas at home this year. Actually getting to celebrate Christmas. His first Christmas we were admitted into the hospital on December 17th (you can read that entry on our blog here and here and then again last Christmas on the EXACT SAME DAY - December 17th. I am hoping this year we can actually have a normal Christmas. That is all I am asking for.

Last Christmas we actually planned to do Christmas dinner at our house. We were going to cook. We were so excited. But by the time Isaac was discharged and feeling better, my mom caught the stomach bug and then I was feeling sick for a few days. So we had to cancel our party. So bummed out. I took it really hard because my aunt was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and was in stage 4 already. Terminal. She was not even 50 years old. We lost her on May 15th, 2013 on Jose's birthday. Roughly 5 months after she was diagnosed. It was like the most emotional day for me. Trying to celebrate my soon to be husbands birthday but grieving for another person. That Christmas would have been the best. It would have been our last together as a family. It is still hard for me to think about. I am hoping this year we can just catch a break. Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year! It hasn't been for us the past 2 years.. We need it this year! :)

On a better note.. Isaac will be 2 next month. 2. TWO. DOS! I cannot believe it. Can't wait to talk about his party in a future blog post.

Oh and one last thing.. FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!!!!! And what better place to live then the Seattle area.. Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl this year FOR SURE. And winning.. I might ad :) Just had to put that out there.

Hope you all are doing well.. Stay blessed. And thank you for reading our blog and following Isaac's journey with Hirschsprung's Disease. Here is my big old baby.