Thursday, March 28, 2013

I haven't updated since Christmas?!?.. #35

I can't believe I've been neglecting blogging for almost 4 months. A lot has happened this new year. 2013! And by a lot I mean ALL good things... Nothing really new on the HD front. Which is good. :)

We had our 17 month check up with our GI and surgeon. As of now we are just restricting certain grains (oatmeal), soy, and nuts. All allergy stuff. He was 26.5 pounds at his appointment. Can't believe how big he is. We don't go back to the GI for 4 months and 6 (yep SIX) months with his surgeon.

As far as milestones, he's talking up a storm. I think I've counted about 30 words he says on a regular basis. He understands everything, he's too smart!! I can't wait for summer so we can do all kinds of outdoor activities. He loved the pool last year so hoping we can enjoy that again this year.

We took a family vacation to Cannon Beach, Oregon at the end of February. It was so nice to get away for 4 days. Isaac definitely enjoyed running on the beach in his raincoat and rain boots :). We got a little rain but for the most part it was sunny. We are now thinking about having our wedding there! And will probably take a trip back in the late summer or early fall to set things in stone. We just really haven't had any time to plan yet. And I'm glad we waited because having our wedding there seems to be like the perfect idea.

We also took Isaac to see the Easter bunny. This year definitely wasn't like last!!! He did not want to get close to him. So I ended up sitting next to the bunny with Isaac standing on my lap.. As far away from him as he could get. It was quite comical. He loved Elmo on his birthday so I figured the bunny wouldn't be an issue. Boy was I wrong! :)

That's pretty much the short version of what's been going on for the last couple months here with us. Easter is Sunday and we are planning an Easter egg hunt for him. :) Can't wait to feast and spend time with family!!