Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pictures from our 2 hospital admits... #65

Just some pics from our hospital admits from April - May 2015.. 

Lots of updates.. #64

I really haven't had the time to update from April until now. A lot has happened! Isaac had 2 hospital admits. One was for a possible infection (enterocolitis) due to a rectal impaction. But it ended up not being that! Thank God. It was a viral illness but he did also have an impaction. We battled constipation pretty badly for about 5 weeks. We had many, many visits to the surgeons office as well. Almost every other day it seemed like. 

At one point, we had to bring senna and enemas on board to keep things moving along. Then I just felt like that was also bringing unwanted side effects like lots of stomach aches, cramps, misery. Our GI doctor had recommended a naturopath to us quite a few months ago and I finally decided to call and make the appointment. I mean afterall, what else could I do? It was definitely better than to keep him on the current regimen that was miserable for him.

We had a great appointment with the naturopath. He recommended some different supplements to try to rebuild the gut flora and to get things working properly. We have him on 2 different probiotics, L-Glutamine, and a FOS to feed the good bacteria. I will post the pictures of the supplements for visual aid and talk more about them in another post. 

After about a couple days on the supps Isaac did a complete turn around. In a good way! Things became more regular for him. We have since weaned off the senna and not needed any harsh medical interventions. Which is a plus. The naturopath also recommended a no dairy diet. Which has been a little bit of an adjustment. But we already had been doing limited dairy. There are plenty of options for dairy free. Lots of yummy vegan cakes and cookies. I can't even tell the difference! And either can Isaac. Which is always a plus. 

Summer has snuck up on us. We had to move unexpectedly because the house we were in, the owner decided to sell it. Which was a big bummer and has been adjustment for us because we downsized. We will be looking to buy a home in about 6 or so months. For now, I don't have to worry about mowing or maintaining a lawn ;) We also have a swimming pool and playground literally within steps of our door. It has been a busy time for us. 

Hope everyone is doing well!