Saturday, December 13, 2014

Modeling for Zulily!.. #58

Last week I sent over Isaac's picture and stats to a company called Zulily. Many people know it, if you don't I suggest you go check it out!!! They have kids clothing, toys, art supplies, and they also have adult clothing, shoe, home goods.. The list goes on.

Anyway, they contacted me right away and wanted him to model. His event is called Story Book Wishes and will be live online tomorrow December 14th. Here is the picture that popped up today on their website as a preview for tomorrow's sales. I am so proud of him ♡ I will post all the proofs they send me as well.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Breezing by with Hirschsprung's Disease.. #57

I feel like I haven't updated since October when Isaac had some testing done. Between then and now he also had some allergy testing done with his allergist. It had been a year since we had seen him last and we decided since Isaac was having some issues that now had been ruled out with his procedure under sedation by his GI, that maybe it could be food allergy related. We already knew from last year when he was allergy tested that he was lactose intolerant and also had an oat allergy. But we felt maybe someone else was going on. 

This time the dr did a 35+ food panel. A lot more than his testing last year. And who would of know, he is allergic to TURKEY and COCONUT! How odd is that?! We eat a lot of turkey and chicken figuring it is a lean meat and easy to digest. We also gave him coconut water EVERY single day in his smoothie. After discussing with his allergist, we were pretty confident we should remove these foods from his diet. Especially after the episodes he was having. Everything kind of pin pointed to these foods at the culprit. What an easy fix! And relief for us. 

He had the simple scratch test again. This time it was a little bit more intense because of how many foods were on the panel. And well because Isaac is 3.. A little bit more aware of what was going on. BUT he did amazing. He really did. He is such a strong boy. 

So jump forward about a month, to the present. We just saw Isaac's surgeon and GI within the last week. Both of his exams went well. They felt around on his tummy, listened to his bowel sounds, and everything looked great! We didn't even need to go for an xray because they felt things looked really good from what they could see. Since removing those foods from his diet, we haven't noticed any of the symptoms we had been seeing. Which is such a relief. Now we need to get into our nutritional practitioner for a recheck. :) We also have continued chiropractic care which has been such an asset to this battle. In one of my other posts I also talked about the essential oils we use for digestive issues. We are still doing these as well, as needed. We seem to be breezing by with Hirschsprung's Disease. At least for now :) 

I wanted to add this little insert to this post because this is a supplement Isaac's nutritional practitioner has him on. Which has also kept him regular and has been helping to "heal" his gut. As you can see from the ingredients, this is really beneficial for HD kiddos. It has a lot of natural elements to help with bowel movements and for digestive upset. It is called Core Condurango Blend by Energetix. I will put the link to their site here.. 

**Disclaimer - I am not a licensed medical professional. I only administer supplements and natural products under a medical professional advice. I am not claiming to cure or treat any medical condition. This is what has worked for my child, but may not work for yours. Please do your research on ANY product you chose for your child. Speak to a medical professional. I am just a mom trying to help her son in any way possible. Energetix only sells their products to licensed healthcare professionals so find a reputable practitioner in your area.