Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One year check in.. #30

Wow. One year old. When Isaac was born I didn't know where we would be at one year old. We didn't know the outcome or the long term issues from Hirschsprung's Disease. Even though his doctors kept telling us he will live a normal life and be a normal baby/child, we still were skeptical. But Isaac has proven to us that this "disease" will not limit him in any area of his life.

He just started really "walking" a few days ago. He is walking more than crawling so I can officially say walking. He would take a few steps on his own here and there but still really crawling. But over the past 2 weeks he's really took to walking.

In the food area, he prefers mostly table food. He is declining the purée left and right!! His food choices are still pretty limited and basic but hoping after we see his GI next month his menu will increase. He's doing really well on the foods he is eating.

We had his 12 month well baby check on the 9th. He is 23 pounds 13.5 oz and 30 inches tall. He is ahead on his milestones, says our pediatrician. He has an extensive vocab as well. Mama, dada, oh wow, whoa, up, ya, Elmo.. So cute when he talks. He also points at everything! He is so curious. He is ahead of the game and such a smart little boy.

We have our appointment with his surgeon next week so we will see what she says. We only anticipate a good check up because of how well he is doing.

I am still in shock he is one. He is not a baby anymore!! :)

FIRST Birthday!.. #29

We celebrated Isaac's first birthday on Sunday October 7th. We had a pretty good turnout and had lots of fun!!

We hired a photographer so we wouldn't have to worry about capturing all the important moments. We were so pleased with the pictures! We planned to have family pictures and first birthday pictures done next weekend. Hoping the weather will be ok. We've been getting lots of rain recently. Such a big change. The weekend of Isaac's party was amazing. It was 70 degrees and sunny. But the rain is nice actually. I love the fall. Pumpkins. Halloween. Colorful leaves. Turkey. Christmas. The list goes on and on.

We rented and Elmo costume and dad dressed up for the kids. Isaac loved it. I was so happy he wasn't scared of him. He did really well with Santa and the Easter bunny last year so I knew he would love Elmo.

Everything came out just like I imagined. I still can't believe he is one. He's come so far from where we were one year ago..