Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lots of news!.. #26

Sheesh I haven't been able to update in almost a month! Lots has gone on. First and foremost, we found a house and get the keys tomorrow!!! We are so excited. We have a month to move from our apartment into our new house. Which makes it nice because I don't think moving with an almost 9 month old is going to be easy :)

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen Isaac's GI and surgeon. Both said he is doing great. He is up to 21 pounds 3 oz. We talked about his diet more and added a few more things to it. He can eat puffs!! Well he is allowed to eat them, he just hasn't figured out what to do with them yet. He is still turning his nose up to a lot of new foods. The dietician suggested mixing in new foods with foods he has already eaten and likes. So we began adding more fruits to his veggies and he is fine with that. Since he is doing so well we don't see them until the end of August.

Isaac is full blown crawling now and also started to cruise the furniture a few days ago. He is standing on his own.. It is really crazy! Once he does something it's like he learns it so fast, and wants to do it all day.. AND ALL NIGHT. :| He also has gotten another tooth and working on cutting another. Which brings the total to 4. All on the bottom!

So all in all, BUSY BUSY over here!! And doing very well :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy 8 Months Isaac.. #25

We met with Isaac's dietician on the 8th of this month which was his 8th month birthday :) Since he is doing so well we added a lot of new foods he can eat. I went and bought the baby bullet so we could make his food since a lot of the pureed food is limited. I pureed some blueberries and he is taking that slowly. He gets a bitter taste on his face and kinda has the look of  "What is this?!" We will try peaches next week.. Can't wait to start making all these yummy foods for him. My mom (Gammy) planted a garden at her house so we can have fresh veggies for Isaac. And we planted pumpkins for Halloween..

He is growing like a weed... He grew 1/2 an inch since our surgeon appointment and is up 5 ounces. He is now fully crawling and goes so fast! He is also getting better at standing. He scares me sometimes.. We have to constantly watch him. My baby is getting big so fast.

We are still looking at places. Only about 6 weeks until we can finally move. I can't wait! House hunting is so hard. But I am sure we will find the right place.

Well not much to update about, just that he is doing well and a happy baby boy!!!! Until next time! Thank you for following Isaac's journey..

Not now mom, I'm busy!!!