Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!.. #34

Wishing all of our friends and family a Happy Holiday and thank you for following us and supporting us on this journey!

Jose, Laura, and Isaac

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hospital update.. #33

We got discharged today around noon.. So glad it was just a 2 day stay. They think he just has a little tummy bug. They are treating him for enterocolitis, which they know he doesn't have, to be safe because sometimes when HD kids gets tummy bugs it causes their bacteria in the colon to get a little whacky. Then enterocolitis comes in.. We just had IV fluids and antibiotics while we were there. Everything looked good. We see the surgeon after Christmas for a follow up.

:) Thanks everyone for thinking about Isaac..

Hospital stay! Bummer!.. #32

Well Sunday - the 16th - Isaac didn't eat very much all day, was pretty gassy, had loud tummy grumbles and then in the evening had a touch of diarrhea. We decided to bring him in to the ER to see what was going on in fears of enterocolitis. Which in the HD world is scary and serious.

They gave him an abdominal X-ray and it wasn't quiet right - lots of gas. So the surgeon decided to keep us for observation and for some IV fluids and antibiotics. Had some tests ran and everything came back normal. Good news!!! Bad news is it took them 2 hours to get an IV in. And it was a miserable time. We had to hold him down and he was just crying and crying. I felt so terrible. Broke my heart.

Monday morning he had another X-ray and the X-ray was normal... Everything had resolved. So they decided to allow him back to his normal diet and stay one extra night. And Monday was pretty uneventful. We rode around our floor on a red wagon. Which Isaac loved. He still remained his happy self the entire time. Minus the IV issue.

Thinking we get to go home today.. Hoping!!!! And is it ironic that one year exactly, December 17th, we were here in this exact same spot? Yes.. 2 years in a row on the same day we got admitted to the hospital. This better not happen again next year! :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holidays!... #31

It's been quite awhile since I have posted anything. We have been so busy these last couple months. Isaac is now 14 months old.. Time is flying by. Daddy & Mommy finally got engaged so are now planning a wedding! We are so excited.. He asked me on October 18th which one year earlier we were bring our sweet baby home from the hospital after such a big ordeal. So the day was so special for us 2 years in a row.

Isaac had an appointment with his GI last month. We got the go ahead to try all food options with him. All except for soy which isn't good for you anyway. No problem staying away from that! We don't see his surgeon I think until next month. 3 months in between visits now.. And we are seeing the nurse practitioner. We got downgraded because Isaac is doing so well.. Such an amazing time in our lives.

The holidays snuck up on us! I can't believe Christmas is in 11 days. This month always brings back so many emotions. 11 years ago on Christmas Day my grandpa, who was like a father to me, passed away. It never gets any easier.. And today we found out that my aunt has a type of cancer that has no  cure. She is in stage 4 already. Terrible, terrible news for our family. This month just hasn't been kind to anyone I know. Lots of people with health problems, losses, and other personal issues. I just keep thinking how the holidays are supposed to be filled with cheer. I am forever grateful that my son is doing so well.. But I feel for everyone who is struggling right now. I am praying that by some slim miracle, that there is something that can be done for my aunt. How do people even get through things like this?? I offered a word of advice to a friend a couple weeks ago, and I said : God always gives the strongest people the hardest things. I still believe in that, but how can anyone be strong when given such devastating news?

But I am trying to put all the saddest aside and enjoy the month of December. This is like our first Christmas together - Isaac was just 2 months old last year - because Isaac actually understands (a little) what is going on. He loves going around to look at Christmas lights, he loves the tree, he knows who Santa is, and all the little things that go along with the holidays! When we took Isaac to see Santa he did not like it. He cried so hard. I felt terrible. We had to have Santa leave the area and sit Isaac down in his chair, and then Santa snuck up behind him and we actually got a good picture in. I hope next year he will do better. :)

Hope everyone is doing well and thank you for reading our blog!!