Thursday, July 18, 2013

Long time no see!!!.. #37

Well... It's been about 3 months since I have updated. It seems like 3 months has been the mark for finally updating lately. No news is good news right?! :) I have gotten asked a few different times if I am still blogging.. And that my posts are missed. Made me feel good about what I do here. I have been so neglectful and I hate that! But life with a very busy almost 2 (Yes TWO) year old has been anything but slow.

Not much new on the Hirschsprung's front. We have seen our surgeon at least once since I last updated. And we see our fabulous GI dr next month. August. Sheesh! I can't believe we are well into the summer. Isaac has continued to do well and we manage his HD everyday. We are always conscious about what goes in his mouth.. And welll... Comes out the other end. The normal life of a HD parent. 

One thing I can say about this journey is I have made a lot of friends whose kids also have HD. But the downfall, not one of them lives near us or even in our state!!! But I have a great group of moms who I chat with frequently. One in particular, who I spent hours talking to in the very beginning, that I still talk to on a regular basis. Our boys are within a week of each other, and have almost the exact same story. It's nice to be able to talk to other parents who have shared your struggles and successes. HD is a very hard thing to understand. 

As for our family life, the Franco's got a house!!!!! We are over the moon excited. It's so nice having a huge yard for Isaac. He loves being outside. We have a nice garden that we will be planting fruits and veggies in next year. Only because the season has come and gone to plant anything now. Isaac does love helping me water all the flower beds and the grass. The exterior of the house was just painted and came out awesome!!!!! We are just now getting somewhat settled after being here for about a month. It sure does take a lot to move and then get settled. I feel like I have a ton of projects for this house. I bought a vintage bed frame and painted it white to match our bedroom furniture. What a task! It's been easy but just finding a little extra time to do it has been challenging. I can't wait to get it set up! I just have to sand a few places and put some finishing touches on it. I have the target date set for next weekend. :) 

I guess that's really all the news I have to report for now.. Here's a few pictures to enjoy!!