Tuesday, July 17, 2012

9 months!!!.. #27

Everything has been so hectic with our move that I have had ZERO time to update. We don't have Internet at the new house yet so I'm updating from my phone. Last week we had Isaac's 9 month well baby check. Everything went great! He weighs 21 pounds 6 oz, is 28.5 inches long, and is ahead on all his milestones. :) My smart baby!!! We are still choosing to be vaccine free (proud of it) so we got out of there with no pokes. We don't see our surgeon again until August so no updates in that area. Everything continues to move along great and we couldn't be more pleased.

We are for the most part in our new house. We love it! Isaac has no problems adjusting and loves all the extra room he has. The weather has been pretty warm so I've been taking him swimming a lot. He loves the water. Between swimming, moving, and unpacking I have no time!!!! I can't believe we are already thinking about his FIRST birthday. Not exactly sure where we are going to have it yet. Inside? Outside? What's the weather going to be like in early October?? Here in the Pacific NW you never know.. We also need to find a place to have it. Our house is bigger, but not big enough for a party with kids and lots of toys :)