Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BioTek iGg food allergy panel.. #69

About 4 weeks ago we had a blood draw for the US BioTek iGg food allergy panel done. Our naturopath suggested we go ahead and do the testing to find out which foods trigger an immune response. Super awesome test and well worth the money. Insurance doesn't cover this type of testing so we paid out of pocket but it actually was pretty affordable... 189$ which we pay directly to our naturopath.

On Monday the 31st we finally got the results and went over them with our naturopath. In the past, Isaac has had a separate allergist (MD) who did the skin scratch testing. From those, we learned he had a coconut, turkey, oatmeal, and lactose allergy. So we have been avoiding these foods for about 2 years. This blood panel is a bit different but also more accurate. The results of the blood panels showed...


My mouth was wide open as I sat there in disbelief. His naturopath was kind of shocked as well. He tested NO REACTION on anything. The only thing that showed up as a VERY LOW reaction was yeast and garlic. Odd. But those aren't even considered an allergy because of the degree of antibody that showed up. We also learned that he has no inflammatory issues with his gut. When you have food show up in the High, Very High, or Extremely High areas, that also means you have a lot of inflammation in your gut.

Getting these results combined with good barium enema results in July really has put us in a good place. I feel really relieved and accomplished that I have been doing all I can for Isaac.

Our naturopath has us on a probiotic regimen. Rotating 6 different supplements. As soon as I order these new ones I will be doing a post about them. To be continued.. :)

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